Your Advertisers Receive Opt-in Leads with Current Contact Information from Hot Prospects in Real Time!
We Deliver the Platform, Audience and Business Model

What is flockxchange?

  • is a highly functional, cloud based platform for B2B publishers. Publishers and their advertisers can post any content format on the site.
  • Publisher’s subscribers are encouraged to view this content based on their interests. Targeted traffic is also generated by FlockXchange via patented SEO features and other proven digital marketing strategies and consensual access to publisher’s data.
  • The site displays content titles plus a preview. Visitors and subscribers can download the content for full viewing. FlockXchange captures the user/subscriber’s contact information/title/company as well as content viewed and passes this information to the sponsor.
  • This platform is also available to "publishers" in a private label option that INCLUDES Sponsorship of their business sector(s) on FlockXchange.
It’s FREE* for qualified publishers - don’t wait to sponsor your vertical(s) now! Business Model

Publishers sponsor their business sector and each sector and post is cobranded by the advertiser and associated publication.

Advertisers pay to post content and receive qualified leads with complete contact information from users accessing their content. Publishers can choose from a selection of revenue options tailored to address their preferences.

Packages for publisher’s advertisers are:
  • First class: higher rates, maximum visibility, and lead production
Economy: lower rates, average visibility, and average lead production
Business class: moderate rates, high visibility, and lead production

Sponsor Publishers Deliverables

  • To maximize lead gen. quality and contact information, FlockXchange will require API access to your subscriber database. Publisher’s data is protected; by a strict Data Services Agreement.
  • Advertisers are contacted and encouraged to post content related to their products and services. Once a reasonable amount of content is live, publishers should advertise to the subscriber base to visit the site to view content of interest to them.
  • Publishers or flockXchange will market to advertisers to join and participate in posting content. FlockXchange will honor any publisher’s reasonable promotions to encourage participation
  • Publisher’s editors and contributors are also be encouraged to post content.
Branded Sponsored Business Sectors and Private Label Option

Fig i). Shows ‘Rock Products’’ as the sponsor of the Aggregates’ sector. Here the branded results feature the sponsoring publication and their advertiser’s content.

Fig ii) shows Mining-Media’s ‘private label’ version of the flockXchange platform. Mining Media received free sponsorship on with their white label license, adding traffic to their advertiser’s content mirrored on

FlockXchange Delivers
The platform is easy to use and offers our publishers a truly sophisticated revenue accelerator, proven to attract advertisers and give them what they really want – high quality lead generation, high community visibility and full metrics.

Beyond this proposition, FlockXchange allows sponsors to distribute and track their posted content across all their social media outlets with one click, acting as a powerful, easy-to- use marketing hub.