Coal Age


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Author: Baron FidlerWhitepaper/Case Study

The primary benefit from the TITAN emulsion technology is being able to note on the post blast reports that no postblast NOx fumes were present. Additional benefits include increased water resistance, increased actual energy yield verses theoretical value, increased product sensitivity resulting in high order detonation, ability to control density, redistribution of energy, increased detonation pressure, same cost per loaded foot, greater fragmentation versus cast movement, and allowing emulsion to be loaded to a lower density in highwall row resulting in the same pounds stretched to a greater height. Success measurements in the overburden truck/shovel blasts included consistent productivity (bucket fill times and bucket volumes) even in harder material located below the sandy strata, reduced post blast NOx fumes based on fume classification chart, few shovel operator complaints, and equal or reduced drill and blast budget. Seventeen blasts were completed without NOx fumes. The pounds per loaded foot was reduced from 51.5 with 40/60 HANFO to 43.1-47.1 range loading TITAN XL 1000. The average difference lbs/ft = 12.36% when 7.6% was needed for cost neutral. Stemming height was reduced from 22 ft to 20 feet to improve surface material displacement. Success measurements in the coal blasts included no roll crusher plugs from slabs, improved shovel production through uniform fragmentation, and equal or reduced drill and blast budget. Ten blasts were completed over afive-week period with no post blast fumes. There was good material movement, uniform fragmentation and generally no complaints or negative comments from shovel operators. Average difference lbs/ft = 11.98% when 4.5% was needed for cost neutral. Pounds per loaded foot averaged 45.33 compared to 51.5 with HANFO.


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