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Keeping San Diego’s Truing Pit Dry

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Author: The Penetron GroupWhitepaper/Case Study

San Diego’s Metropolitan Transportation Service (MTS) new, high-efficiency wheel truing pit keeps MTS rail cars rolling smoothly. When the general contractor began construction, water quickly filled the construction site (almost three feet under the water table). To finish the excavation, seven dewatering pumps were installed to keep water out. The project was a small but complex mix of new and existing construction with numerous unique conditions, all requiring  a waterproofing solution Ultimately, Penetron crystalline products were chosen over traditional waterproofing solutions, including PENETRON ADMIX for the footings, slab and walls of the truing pit, PENEBAR SW waterstop strips to seal all cold joints, and PENECRETE MORTAR to patch any remaining cracks and imperfections in the new concrete structure. The choice saved construction time and money.


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