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Equipment Pre-Start Inspection Training

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Author: Ashley MullaneyVideo Link (Youtube/Vimeo/Websites)

Everyday thousands of operators across the world begin their shift by assessing and responding to equipment issues before they begin operations but how can mine sites be sure pre-start inspections are properly completed and that safety, machine uptime and maintenance costs have not been compromised? A new interactive and virtual tool from Immersive Technologies has been launched to ensure effective and consistent training and assessment of operators on machine inspection routines. Early detection of equipment that is unsafe or worn saves on maintenance costs and reduces likelihood of injury, downtime or environmental damage. The new Pre-Start Inspection tool by the world leading mining simulation technology provider, Immersive Technologies, trains and assesses mining personnel on the correct identification and actions to be taken in relation to equipment issues. This tool allows operators to demonstrate competency when real world training is not possible and where mistakes are costly if undetected.


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