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How Do Continuous Improvement (CI) Projects Help Miners Control Costs?

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Author: Ashley MullaneyWhitepaper/Case Study

Immersive Technologies has released further detailed verified results arising from their work with key mining customers. In partnership with mine management teams across Australia, North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia Immersive has delivered dozens of Continuous Improvement (CI) projects that have helped miners control costs, lift productivity and maintain safety standards. Verified in-pit gains over the last 12 month period include: US$1,100,000 haul truck fuel savings for a North American Mine 72% reduction in machine abuse events for a North American Mine US$500,000+ fuel savings at an Indonesian Mine US$770,000 tire life savings at an Indonesian Mine 68% reduction in haul truck down time for a Latin American Mine 4.9% spot time improvement at a Latin American Mine 31% reduction in equipment abuse events at an Australian Mine 5.1% excavator dig rate improvement at an Australian Mine 13% reduction in breakdown hours for excavators at a European Mine 72% reduction in breakdown hours for wheel loaders at a European Mine US$400,000+ Fuel savings in a Brazilian Mine 28% reduction in tire replacements saving US$1,500,000 in a Brazilian Mine 99% engine fire pass rate – global average after training


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